As students get ready to head back to school there are things parents can do to get ready for the transition.

Know Your IEP.

A student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) should be up-to-date and appropriate for the student. An IEP should contain present levels of academic achievement, measureable goals, and list appropriate accommodations. Reviewing the IEP will help identify if there are any missing elements or allow for evaluation on whether it needs to be updated. You can also follow up with the school to make sure that the necessary services have been scheduled.

Write A Back to School Letter to the Teacher.

It is important to establish communication with your student’s teacher early. A back to school letter introducing your student is a great way to share facts about your student. You can highlight your student’s strengths and alert their teacher of the challenges you anticipate your child will face.  It is also important to let them know if any strategies which have worked in the past. It is important to key in on a couple main points. If your letter is too long it may not be read.


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