There are many disabilities which can impact a student’s ability to access their education. According to www.kidsdata.org, in 2005, the breakdown for disabilities for which student’s were receiving special education services included:

California Percent
Autism 12.6%
Deaf 0.5%
Deaf-Blindness 0.0%
Emotional Disturbance 3.4%
Hard of Hearing 1.4%
Intellectual Disability 6.1%
Learning Disability 39.6%
Multiple Disability 0.9%
Orthopedic Impairment 1.7%
Other Health Impairment 10.6%
Speech or Language Impairment 22.3%
Traumatic Brain Injury 0.2%
Visual Impairment 0.5%

 The most commonly provided special education service is extra academic support. Other services include speech and language services, physical and occupational therapy, and psychological and counseling services. The schools also provide older students with the transition to adulthood. 

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