Special Education Timeline: IEPs

The following checklist is designed to help parents and school districts meeting the timelines required under federal and state law. This checklist is a guide and is not intended to substitute for current federal and state laws.

Description Timeframe Date Requested (if applicable) Date Completed
Child Find Within first 30 days of school year or of student enrollment    
Referral to special education “in a timely manner”    
Propose assessment plan for initial assessment 15 calendar days from date of referral    
General education intervention (Referral plans in excess of 20 days from end of school year) Within 60 calendar days of the start of interventions, IEP team must convene to review a child’s progress and meet every 30 school days thereafter (excludes school breaks in excess of 5 days)    
General education intervention (Referral plans 20 days or less from end of school year) Shall be completed within the first 30 calendar days at the beginning of the school year.    
IEP team meeting notice At least 7 calendar days advance notice to parent    
Eligibility determination 60 calendar days to determine eligibility after parental consent to assessment plan


–    Child moves to a new school district

–    Parents refuse to make student available

IEP team meeting Within 30 days of a determination that a child is a child with a disability    
Exception to determination timelines If anyone on the IEP team thinks parents need more time, the meeting can be rescheduled to give parents time but the legal timeline should still be met    
Send parents evaluation Upon request the school district shall provide the most recent evaluation report    
IEP implemented Immediately    
Reassessment Every 3 years (Triennial)


IEP review –     At anytime at the request of the parent(s) or district staff

–     At least 1 time per year

Independent education evaluation      


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