Whether you have a child with a disability or not these steps can help you advocate for your child.

  1. Create relationships with school staff and others who can help.

Building relationships with your child’s teacher, district staff, and anyone who can help your child will keep the lines of communication more open. Try to maintain a positive and helpful approach. Listen carefully and ask clarification questions.

  1. Be persistent, yet flexible.

Don’t agree to something you think goes against what your child should receive under the law. However, the process will go more smoothly if you keep an open mind. Stay calm and stick to your key issues. Remember that you can always ask to think about options that you hadn’t previously considered.

  1. Maintain an educational paper trail.

Always keep copies of all reports, report cards, progress reports, evaluations, IEPs, and other documents you receive regarding your child.

  1. Communicate in writing.

Put all requests in writing and confirm oral or telephone requests in writing.

  1. Identify the problem and possible solutions.

Make sure you write a list of issues you want to address with the school. Next, figure out what type of resolution you think is appropriate. Make an action plan and follow it.

  1. Know the law.

Learn about your child’s rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. These will help you understand your child’s rights and limitations under the law.

  1. Don’t give up!


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(Note: This Blog/Web Site is made available for educational purposes only as well as to give you general information and a general understanding of the law, not to provide specific legal advice. The website has been designed to be a resource for information on matters that might be of interest to current or potential clients but does not establish that relationship. For further information visit my Disclaimer page-



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