October is ADHD Awareness Month

Everyone can benefit from learning about ADHD. Tools used to support children with ADHD can be used to support all kids.

I just learned that October is ADHD Awareness Month. This year’s theme is “Knowing is better”. There shouldn’t be a stigma attached to having a diagnosis. The diagnosis serves the purpose of identifying services and accommodations that will help a child with ADHD thrive.
Below is an interesting link to 7 Facts about ADHD:

7 Facts You Need To Know
About ADHD

Things that will help a child with ADHD succeed:

1.) Establish a good relationship with your child’s teacher. Treat them like the professional they are.

2.) Make sure your child doesn’t feel shame for having a diagnosis. Help them see their uniqueness in a positive way.

3.) Establish clear and consistent rules. Most kids will adapt to their situation but not if things are continuously changing.

4.) Create a predictable schedule. This will help the child be more successful and independent.

5.) Allow breaks. Reward small success with a small break. This will help keep the wiggles away.

6.) Give positive feedback. It is easy to get caught up correcting negative behavior. Look for positive behavior, even if it seem s like a small thing. It isn’t.

7.) Use multi-sensory learning. Children with ADHD learn better when different learning approaches are used. Variety is key!

8.) Establish a notebook to establish communication between the parents and teacher. Parents and teacher should see themselves as a team. Many issues can be resolved through good communication.

9.) Seat children with ADHD away from distractions. This will help the child focus.

10.) Assign the child a buddy. Someone with a kind attitude can be a good role model. They can also be a good support to a child with ADHD if they get lost during a lesson or while instructions are being given.
(Note: this blog is for educational purposes only.)

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