Initial Consultation (20 minutes) With Sample Letter to School Requesting Records: Free

During this meeting we will discuss your child’s disability, your history with the school district, and attempt to identify any areas of need. We will discuss what steps can be taken to determine if your child is receiving a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.

Document Request, File and IEP Review, and Recommendations:   $350.00

Once a fee agreement is signed, I will ask that you execute a Release of Information so that I am able communicate directly with the school.

Upon receiving your child’s educational file I ask that you provide a copy to me. I will review it to determine if there are any obvious documents missing. In my experience, schools often only provide a portion of the child’s educational record. I will prepare a letter to the school to request additional records that should be a part of the educational file. Your child’s educational file is extremely important to your participation at your child’s IEP.

Next I will review your child’s educational file in more detail. This typically takes about an hour to an hour and a half.  I will be looking at:

  • What are the students present levels of performance?
  • Are the goals measurable?
  • Has the child been placed in the least restrictive environment?
  • Are the services related to the goals?
  • Are there any identifiable violations of the child’s free and appropriate public education?

I will schedule a 30 minute phone conference with the family to discuss any questions regarding their child’s educational file. During this call I will give you my initial impressions of your child’s educational file.

Once we complete our phone conference I will prepare a summary of my impressions and recommendations. This usually takes about an hour. We will set up an additional 30 minute phone conference to discuss my impressions and recommendations. This completes the file review process.

Document Request, File Review, and 504 Plan Recommendations:   $200.00

The process for a child with a 504 Plan is similar to the one described above for a child with an IEP. However, the review will focus on:

  • Whether the accommodations are appropriate;
  • Whether the child is receiving appropriate special services; and
  • Whether the student should be evaluated for an IEP.

A child with a 504 Plan usually does not have any assessments or classroom data to review. This is reflected in the modified price from an IEP file review.

Document Request, File Review, and Eligibility Challenges: $250.00

Has your child been assessed and denied special education? I will review your child’s educational records and current assessments to determine whether your child meets the legal standards for eligibility. I will also review your file to determine whether an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) is appropriate. If an IEE is appropriate I will provide a sample letter to the family. If further services are needed they will be charged on an hourly basis.

General Legal Services: Billed Hourly

All other services are billed at my current hourly rate. Please contact me for the current rate.

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